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I will be shortly going on a long journey and I wish to take my Qur’aan so that I can pray. The question that I have is that the Qur’aan will be stored in the traditional (Jasdan) material cover. Am I able to touch the Qur’aan whilst it is in the Jasdan with or without wudhu? Thank you for your time.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

The Qur’aan is the book of Allah and requires utmost respect. The best way to hold the Qur’aan is against one’s chest. If due to travelling, etc. it becomes difficult to hold the Qur’aan against the chest but in the bag, then one will be excused.

Some Rulings about touching the Holy Qur’an:
(1) On the basis of the Prophetic Ahadith, the overwhelming majority of the ‘Ummah and the four major schools concur that ‘purity’ is a condition for the permissibility of touching the Holy Qur’an and it is not allowed to touch it in a state of impurity. It means that before touching the Holy Qur’an, one must make sure that no najasah (i.e. things declared by Shari’ah as filth) is attached to one’s hand, and that he or she is in the state of Wudhu’ and is not in the state of Janabah. (the state in which it is obligatory to take bath.)
(2) If the Qur’an is in a cover which is sewn to it or permanently attached to it in some way, it is not permitted – according to the four major schools – for an unclean person to touch it without ablution. If however the Qur’an is covered in something that is not permanently attached to it, an unclean person may, according to Imam Abu Hanifah R.A, touch it without ablution. However, according to Imam Malik R.A and Shafi’i R.A, an unclean person is not permitted to touch it before taking ablution. [Mazhari]
(3) If a person is wearing a garment, it is not lawful for him to touch the Qur’an with his sleeves or skirt if he is unclean. However, he may touch it with a handkerchief or-a sheet. [Mazhari]

According to Imam Abu Haneefa (RA) it would be permissible to touch the Sleeve (or covering) which is not permanently attached to the Qur’aan without being in the state of wudhu. Therefore that Qur’aan which is temporarily placed in a Material/cloth (Jasdan) can be touched whether the person is in the state of Wudhu or not. This is the ruling according to Imam Abu Haneefa (RA). It is also worth noting that although Imam Abu Hanifa R.A permits it, according to Imam Malik (RA) & Imam Shaf’ae (RA), touching the Qur’aan without wudhu whilst it is in some cloth or material will still be impermissible.
And Allah Knows Best
[Mufti] Suhail Ilyas
Imam Seven Kings Masjid
London, UK